What you need to know about smoking meats.

Types of wood to use for smoke:

  • Always use a hardwood that has been seasoned for at least 6 months.
  • We recommend using Pecan, Hickory , White Oak, Apple, Alder or Mesquite.
  • Never use any resin woods like Pine or Cedar.

Note: It is not necessary to soak the wood prior to smoking because hard woods have natural moisture in the wood that will release in the smoker as it heats up. In a gas smoker, soaking the wood chips may prolong the life of the wood chips but it will also take longer to produce smoke so we will leave that decision up to you. Do not soak your wood chips when using your Smoke Hollow electric smoker.

What you need to smoke meats:

Internal Meat Thermometer – An internal meat thermometer is a must to cook large pieces of meat to make sure it is done internally.

Internal Temperatures for Select Meats
Cooked Ham -140 degrees
Ham, Beef-Med, Ground Beef – 160 degrees
Veal, Lamb, Pork, Beef-Well done – 170 degrees
Poultry – 180 degrees

Good Tongs or Meat Hook
Use a heavy-duty set of tongs to rotate meat in the smoker because in some cases you may be smoking a very large cut of meat. I prefer a meat hook for ease of use and it does not knock any rub or sauce off of the meat.

Good Oven Mitts
Heavy-duty mitts will assist you in moving hot smoker racks and large pieces of meats and assist in adding water and wood chips.

Aluminum Foil
When the outside color of your meat product is at your desired color or look to suit your taste, wrap meat product in aluminum foil to keep any more wood resins from turning your meat any darker. Also it will saturate fats from your meat product.